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Resolution of the Achilles paradox

The Achilles paradox expresses what science is doing. Every thing and every thought - all experience - is motion. Every experience and/or phenomenon arises and passes and is in constant flux. Every measurement that is made is comparing one phenomenon against another. Because both phenomena are in motion (is motion itself), a singular, definite result of any measurement is meaningless. How can a measurement have any meaning when the frame of reference, the source phenomenon, is in motion and the end phenomenon is also in motion? Peeps be making shit up!

This fundamental problem with measurement is likewise expressed in Hilbert's "infinite hotel paradox." If the measurement of one phenomenon (in this case "an infinity", which is movement; addition is movement) is the base upon which another phenomenon (another "infinity"; movement) is measured against, then it appears as though one infinity is "larger" (or is it "longer"?) than another.

Common sense, reasonable consideration, and intuition tells us that one infinity is identical to another, and they are when both are measured against a base that is not in motion. This source of all measurement is the "0"; what is conventionally taken to be "nothing".

When dualities are compared with each other it produces ambiguity and that ambiguity produces confusion. That's all. This confusion manifests as the associated paradoxes.

And Maya loves ambiguity and confusion. Paradox is revealing Maya's magic act.

Both materialism and idealism are wrong. Comparing and contrasting one to the other will never produce an answer that has any meaning. They both need to be measured against that which does not change.

That which does not change is expressed as the center column of the Fundamental Model Of Reality. The One-Step Path is the way in which the center column is realized.

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