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Updated: Feb 20

The voice in consciousness (in your head) is not a part of the physical 3D realm, nor is it directly causal or directly correlated with the 3D realm.

The voice in your head is mind and mind is a 0 (spacial) dimensional realm. The way in which the 0 dimensional mind realm enters or mixes with the 3D realm, is achieved via the following process:

The non-physical voice in your head tells you, and every thinking human, to do things and you and every other human does those things. Humans are 4-dimensional beings in a 3D realm and we are being controlled from a zero-dimensional realm.

The non-physical voice in your head has zero spatial dimensions. This is why I say it isn't a part of the physical realm. It enters the physical realm via the one-dimensional realm of lines. Language, whether it is the spoken language or mathematics, is one-dimensional. When a human writes down language, it does so by drawing one-dimensional lines on a two-dimensional plane (tools created via technology have made the profligation of language ever-more efficient). The sentences and equations are likewise replayed/interpreted in a one-dimensional manner, from top left to bottom right in rows for English and mathematics.

So now there is the state of information from the 0D realm existing in dormancy as one-dimensional symbols and being expressed into the 3D realm from the 2D realm, and into 4D organisms, via language, which we were taught by the voice in our head.

Read that two more times.

We are slaves to the voice in our head. That voice is "Satan", "Maya", "Ignorance." The "play of the game" was when you took the voice in your head to be Self. It's not you and it's not telling the truth. It's all deception.

Our natural evolution has us moving to a higher dimension after the singularity extinction event. The voice in your head is pulling your attention through a 4D organism which exists in the 3D realm, and onto the 1D realm of language which exists in a 2D realm within the 3D realm.

Humanity is experiencing devolution

Please listen!

The collective human consciousness is inbred and is going through devolution. This is why the collective human consciousness does not realize its own madness. IT'S LITERALLY SPIRITUALLY RETARDED. This is why people are coming up with literally insane shit like "is consciousness an illusion?" Really? Is this happening? Okay then, debate over. Do you see how it is literally madness to deny one's own existence (rather than accept that it is the world that is illusory). This Spiritual illness is why humanity keeps talking and talking and talking and thinking and thinking and thinking, and shit just keeps getting worse and worse and worse.

Intelligence has nothing to do with being able to recognize ones own delusion. In fact, intelligence gained via academia, which is the religion of the voice in the head, is the most powerful and effective programming. The peer-review process is the programming/inbreeding process.


That's what the fuck is happening. That's how we got here and that's why it's speeding up exponentially.

You need to accept this and act upon it accordingly.

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