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The message is like a stereogram; it has been there the entire time, imbedded within the information. The image will not be seen by increasing focus to gain higher and higher resolution of the information expressed. Ever. This is the path that mathematics and science has taken in the attempt to interpret the message. And through school and academia, all of humanity has conjured images and patterns from its imagination, from the stereogram, but none of them are the correct vision of the implanted image.


When you engage with(in) the Trinity, current focus must be broken. All that you have been taught, all that you believe, all that you take yourself to be, must be broken. When all preconceived beliefs and learned systems of thought are suspended, the refocusing process may reveal the stereogram.


Just look at the list. Focus on the center column. Just look at the model without judgement or intent.


Allow the gut and intuition equal say with the head and logic.

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