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1 = 0 

0 ≠ 1 


0 > 1 

1 ≤ 0 



0 = potential/Reality 

1 = the manifest/world 


0 = Brahman 

1 = atman 


Thought experiment analogy: 

Imagine looking into a mirror. You can say “That’s me” while simultaneously possessing the inherent intuition: “I am not that.”  

The entrance into this Divine game is when you adopted the perspective of the mirror image. Having not yet recognized that which is the Reality looking into the mirror, and still possessing the inherent intuition: “I am not that”, consciousness projected a second mirror as to reinstall a phenomenon relative to the reflection in order to explain its source.  

This second mirror realm is thought.  

This has produced the confusing situation of infinitely redundant fractalization and the appearance of a causal relationship between the mirror images. Depending upon which mirror perspective is adopted, either the physical realm will appear fundamental and the thought realm derivative, or visa-versa.  

Human consciousness is helplessly lost in the mirror realms. The only way out is not by investigating each of the infinite illusory fractal images, but by refocusing attention inward to find the Reality that is looking through those eyes.  

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