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Considering all systems of thought designed to make the world a better place; to lessen suffering, or to understand reality:   


Has any of it actually worked?   

Has the combination of mathematics and physics come up with a final “Theory of Everything”? Has religion definitively answered why all of this is? Has philosophy provided any definitive answers about anything? Has medicine eradicated all physical pain? Has psychology eliminated all mental suffering?   

How about the governmental, monetary, and legal systems of thought. How well are they operating?   

Given all of these systems of thought: Is our species experiencing less suffering than it ever has during its entire history? It most certainly is not. While it is accurate to say that technology has lessened physical suffering, a comprehensive perspective shows that the degree to which humanity has lessened it’s physical suffering is the degree to which our psychological suffering has increased.   

From an objective perspective, none of these systems of thought have affected the overall degree of suffering experienced by human consciousness! In fact, it appears as though suffering is increasing.   

It is essential that one recognizes the woeful state of humanity. The Theory of Enlightenment holds that suffering and happiness are the guides that keep one on the path of Truth. Simply put, the closer one is to Reality, the less suffering and more happiness one will experience. The further one is away from Reality (the deeper in delusion), the more suffering and less happiness one will experience.    

It feels as if something is off. Something isn’t quite right. And it keeps getting progressively more not-right. This feeling is similar to the feeling of knowing that you have forgotten something but you don’t know what that something is. And this something is the most important thing. And it keeps getting more important.   

And this is why you are reading these words. Despite all of the beliefs and systems of thought you hold to be truth, you are here hoping that these words will be the catalyst that brings that flash of remembrance. This in itself is the most powerful evidence that the thought processes you take to be true, are not.   

If one were in a state of delusion, they would not explicitly know that they were, for the very fact that they are deluded. However, such a state is implicitly known via the feeling that something isn’t quite right.   

How does one break out of a state of delusion?   

If you are in a state of delusion, in order to break free of it you must accept the fact that you may be in a state of delusion. *


If you are in a state of delusion, in order to break free of it you must objectively look for evidence that reveals that you are in such a state. *  

If you are in a state of delusion, in order to break free of it you must accept the fact that everyone around you may also be in a state of delusion.   

If suffering is indeed an indicator of ignorance and suffering is increasing within the entire human species, then we must accept that the entire species is in the same state of delusion.   

* BASE  
1. A base that is in motion will lead to instability.  
As thoughts and sensations are in constant motion, a self/identity based upon thoughts and sensations will result in instability within the psyche. Therefore, the most effective practice to gain stability is to connect with (realize that you are) that which does not move or change. As the quality of thought-free Awareness is always the same, to find stability delve deeply into the stillness between thoughts.   

The following exercise is paramount.   

Sit in a quiet, still room for one hour.  Just sit there without moving or thinking. Simply sit and do not think for one hour. The degree to which one is unable to remain still in body and mind, and be happy, is the degree to which one is attached to Maya (in delusion).   
If you do not participate in the above exercise, Nonconceptuality will be of no use. Investigation into the thought process itself is required to see how the labyrinth is constructed. One cannot investigate thought itself while being frontal lobe deep in it (is it thought that validates thought as correct?). One must rise above the walls of the maze to witness the whole as it is constructed. To do this you need to watch the space between thought as a cat watches a mouse hole. Simply witnessing the stillness from which thought arises and passes is enough to gain understanding. It will be tempting to follow some lines of thought that appear to be leading to deeper truths; this is Maya in operation. Pure observation is enough. A more comprehensive understanding is brought about via direct experience rather than through a strictly intellectual perspective.   
2. As mind is the base of the psyche, the more movement within that mind, the less stable the psyche.   
If you cannot be happy in and of your own existence, something is wrong. You must remain objective throughout this process. Mind will want you to reject this as irrelevant, but it is self evident that a peaceful/still mind will lead to sanity and peace, whereas an unstoppable, chaotic mind will lead to chaos and suffering.  
If mind begins debating statements that are self-evident, this is a sign that you have accepted thought to be the final authority. This need not be the case. Consciousness is capable of transcending thought.  
Peace is a still mind. That's what peace is.     
Only upon the persistent, unending practice of focusing on the space between thoughts will the truth of these statements be verified.     

                             TRUTH AND SYSTEMS OF THOUGHT  

The concept “Truth” implies that there is something incorrect, something false somewhere. This implication confirms the feeling that there is indeed something not quite right. The systems of thought that are religion, mathematics, physics, psychology and philosophy are the attempt to discover the falsity and correct it.    

But what if the phenomenon that is incorrect is the thought process itself?   

If the entirety of human activity is based upon thought and the entire species is in a state of delusion, then this is evidence that thought is indeed the source of our suffering. If we have taken thought to be the path of truth, and it actually isn’t, this would explain the woeful state of humanity.  


                            THE ORIGINS OF THOUGHT

The original systems of thought/models of reality, are the primary religions, beginning with Hinduism. The original purpose of thought was Spiritual in nature. That is, the thoughts and associated symbols were relating to birth, death, God, and other such metaphysical phenomena. The evolutionary step that occurred with the advent of human consciousness introduced the highest known degree of Self-Awareness. Along with that higher degree of Self-Awareness came the idea that Self actually was not the body, but something that endured after the death of the biological organism.  

Religion is the original model/system of thought and it exclusively relates to metaphysical phenomena. Given that religion is the original system of thought, and that it has survived within human consciousness for its entire history, it is a valid source of truth. Indeed, if all thought is seen as metaphor, then religion is as valid as any other system of thought, it is simply using differing metaphors.   

What are the core tenets of the major religions expressing?   

1. There is a higher dimensional, more fundamental realm/state than the one we experience:  
- Christianity: Heaven  
- Hinduism: Moksha  
- Buddhism: Nirvana  
- Taoism: Tao  
2. Transcendence of the physical realm/state into the higher realm/state results in the end of the cycle of birth and death, as well as all suffering (eg: “Enlightenment”, being “born again”).  
3. There is a force/power that prevents us access to the higher state:  
- Christianity: Satan  
- Hinduism: Maya  
- Buddhism: Ignorance  
- Taoism: Ignorance  
4. There is something one must learn or do within this realm in order to break free from this power.  
5. Transcendence to the higher realm is possible because others have done it:  
- Christ  
- Ramana Maharshi  
- Buddha  
- Lao Tzu  
6. The religions that include a deity state that the universe is not fundamental, but created.   
Therefore, the reason for this realm; the answer to why it exists is:  
This realm is a divine game, designed by the creator (aka: “God”) for the purpose of its own entertainment.   

The goal of the game is to find conclusion of the game.


This is the core message that all of religion is presenting. The 3rd tenet explains how humanity’s deep state of delusion has come to be. Maya is presently beating human consciousness at the game. It’s this simple to explain and this difficult to accept.   


All experience (the life of “your name here”) is a divine game; a mystery to solve/a labyrinth to escape. Clues exist that can assist in the solving of the mystery. The creator has implanted signs within the labyrinth to assist the player at the places where they are especially lost. All primary tenets of major systems of thought purporting to present truth, are actually clues/information to assist consciousness. As analogy consider a road sign.   

The purpose of a road sign is to assist travelers to arrive at their intended destination. It does this by presenting information about the road ahead. The primary tenets of the major religions are road signs that are meant to assist consciousness in its remembrance of true Self (of transcending the delusion that Self is body/mind). And so is the number system.   

However, both clues/models (religion and the number system) have been misinterpreted. This misinterpretation is the exponential propagation of the models, under the same name. “Christianity” has evolved from the 31426 words spoken by a single Enlightened being to the countless volumes of literature classified under the name “Christianity”, as well as the multitude of different denominations and belief systems calling themselves part of “Christianity”. Some of these systems, supposedly based upon the teachings of Christ, are outright bizarre and in direct opposition of what Christ taught. The original message, delivered from the perspective of an Enlightened being, has been misinterpreted, and with each iteration using an incorrect interpretation as its new input, the intended message becomes completely lost in delusion. The same exact phenomenon has occurred with the number system. The misinterpretation in this case, is mathematics.   

Back to the sign. What has happened is that we have mistaken the information presented on the sign to be about the sign itself. Science has parked the car on the side of the road and it’s in the ditch meticulously investigating the sign. The information on the sign is a message directing consciousness to its destination of Absolute Self-Awareness, and because of its misinterpretation, science has ceased this advancement. Science has lost all meaning and purpose to life.   

Human consciousness has not recognized the information expressed in the fundamental, originating models of these systems of thought, as being message.  

A message is a recorded communication sent to or left for a recipient who cannot be contacted directly. Explicit, direct communication is not effective to break someone out of a state of delusion. If someone believes they are Elvis Presley, simply telling them directly that they are not Elvis Presley obviously doesn’t work; different tactics are required.   

A deluded consciousness can only be reached via the system it takes to be truth. That message must then point to the transcendence of that system. This is a very nuanced endeavor. The deluded will recognize the information because it is expressed within the system it understands, but if it is not recognized as a message directing to the transcendence of that system, it will be integrated into the system and the message will be lost in the delusion.    

We have that feeling that something isn’t quite right because the message has not yet been correctly interpreted. Messages implanted by the Creator will continue to express the message until correctly interpreted and acted upon.  

There is a single correct interpretation of a message and an infinite number of incorrect interpretations. Mathematics has no conclusion because it is following the path of infinite incorrect interpretations. Mathematics also is seen as information without meaning also because the message has yet to be disclosed.   

Gödel’s Incompleteness Theorem is expressing the inability of logic to interpret message. If thought is the state of delusion, it is not possible to verify Truth using thought. The reason why the singular Truth cannot be proven is because it is message using the system that generates the delusion, only insomuch as to direct consciousness out of the system, which is thought itself.   

Validation, and subsequent conclusion, of the message takes place within/as your direct experience.   


All humans are taught that the number system relates to the physical realm. This relationship is taught via the process of counting: (. = 1) (.. = 2) (…=3) and so on (it is noteworthy that the act of counting includes the manipulation of the physical realm. The symbol “tree” does not require any movement within the physical realm. However, counting accompanies moving objects together into sets). Counting is a system where thought is connected to/based upon the physical realm. Each successive thought (“one, two, three”…) or associated symbol (1,2,3…) relates to a specific physical state. But at ………. something changes. Whereas ……… and all previous states in the series until this point are represented by a single, novel symbol, the next iteration from the state ……… to the state ………. reveals/requires a new method of expression. The shift from the state ……… to the state ………., even though the series mechanism continues unchanged (simply “adding” an additional .) requires two (……….=10) symbols, one of which is used in a redundant fashion. From an objective perspective, the change in meaning/expression (the difference between what “9” represents and what “10” represents) from the state ……… to ………. is completely arbitrary.   

If one were to type in the question: “What does the 0 in 10 represent?” into an internet search engine, no direct answer presents. Why? It is as if the concept of 10 is simply accepted without really understanding what it means. What does the 0 in 10, in fact, represent?   

The answer is that the 0 in 10 represents no additional .s. The 0 in 10 fundamentally represents the state of not ………... It represents a state that does not exist within the physical realm. 10 is the point where the number system diverts from describing anything in the physical realm, and begins describing itself. 10 requires the existence, in thought form, the concept of 11. 11 boot-straps 10 into existence. Where 1-9 are concepts directly representing physical states (in the form of quantity), 10 is a hybrid of two concepts (the 1 and the 0 have different meanings) supposedly representing the next physical state in the series.  

If the 0 in 10 represents no additional .s (or is it “not 11”?), what does the 1 represent? Our original understanding of 1 is that it represents ., so when consciousness comes across 1 again in 10, it sees it as representing .. However the 1 in 10, we are told, now represents ……….. Essentially the 1 in 10 represents . which is now representing ……….! The base of the number system from this point on is built not upon the physical realm, but upon memory and projection; a strictly mental construct.   

10 is also the beginning of the process of unnecessary, and infinite, redundancy. The physical state of ……… is directly and completely represented by 9. There is nothing in the information expressed by 9 that infers to or requires the state of ……….. It is self-evident that the state of ……… is not the state of ……….. The additional information pointing out that there are no more .s is redundancy to the absurd!   

So with 10 we have a dualistic symbol, with the 1 representing both of the physical states . and ………. simultaneously, and the 0 representing the lack of additional .s (a non-existing physical state; completely imaginary/conceptual).   

The concept of 10 is a convoluted mess that follows no logical reasoning. Our acceptance of the number system, as it relates to quantity, is identical to the blind belief system exhibited by religious fundamentalism. It is based upon the same brainwashing/programming as accepting something not based upon understanding (that it “makes sense”) but rather because everyone else accepts it to be truth. In regards to the number system and our accepted understanding of its relation to the physical realm, all of human consciousness is under the identical delusion.   

This is tricky business. What is being related sounds so convoluted and confusing that it would be very easy to discard it all as nonsense. However, what is being described is the current accepted interpretation of the number system!    



A message that is intended to pull all of human consciousness out of a state of delusion would be constructed in a way as to make it easily understood by as many humans as possible. A model is supposed to make something easier to understand. A model that you don’t understand is not an effective model. It’s not a problem with your cognitive abilities, it’s a problem with the model.    

If a system of thought develops into increasing complexity, that is an indication that it is incorrect.   The primary work of mathematics, “Principia Mathematica” requires 360 pages, concluding in this:  


to “prove” that 1 + 1 = 2. Occam’s razor cuts this to one sentence: “One plus one equals two because every single last one of us believes that it does.”   

This document/“proof” can also be seen as an algorithm designed to program human consciousness. These esoteric symbols combined with the original spoken language of words works in exactly the same manner as a computer language designed to create the software that controls the actions of the hardware. It took 360 pages to program human consciousness to believe that the number system relates to quantity rather than quality.  

Quality refers to an inherent trait of phenomena whereas quantity is information superimposed, added onto, phenomena. The creation of quantity, via Principia Mathematica, is not expressing a deeper understanding of phenomena, but is artificially adding/attaching an imagined set of qualia onto physical phenomena and then shoe-horning it into a formula that “makes sense” (to perhaps a dozen people that can follow the theory).   

It is the contention of this paper that the number system is actually referring to an aspect of qualia. That is, the number system is a model of the fundamental operating system of reality, and that counting is a misinterpretation of the information presented.   

Remember that at 10 the system shifts from describing physical phenomena/states to describing itself. Human consciousness has misinterpreted the meaning of the number system and the attempt to discover the intended meaning is the arising and propagation of mathematics itself. Just as the case with Christianity, the belief is that that particular system of thought is a path of Truth leading to Reality, when in actuality it is leading away from Truth/Reality. Proof of this is the fact that mathematics has done nothing to lessen the overall suffering experienced by humanity, and that four of the greatest mathematicians of all time went mad.     

There is a singular correct interpretation of any given message, and an infinity of incorrect interpretations. If a system of thought develops to infinity, then it is itself incorrect or its interpretation is incorrect. Upon the correct interpretation of the message, further interpretation, indeed the message itself, is no longer required. In order for a system of thought to conclude it must be correct and it must be interpreted correctly. The number system is correct and it has been interpreted incorrectly.   


It is clear that at 10 something radically changes with the structure and meaning of the number system. This is the point where: A: the meaning/what it represents diverges from physical phenomena. B: infinite redundancy arises. WHY?   

Previously it was stated that the core tenets of Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism and Christianity are models of the fundamental workings of reality, using different metaphors than that of science. The connection is expressed indirectly via Simulation Theory, which states that the physical realm could in fact not be fundamental reality, but a sort of simulation (“computer simulation” is a different metaphor than “Maya”, even though they are referring to the same phenomenon). The “why” this simulation/realm was created is that all experience is a divine game with the purpose/final goal to escape. Suffering is the reminder, the guide. The quest for Truth is consciousness’s search for Reality/True Self. Therefore, the purpose for the evolution of consciousness is not to merely survive, but to come full circle and remember one’s Divinity/True Self, thus ending the cycle, and suffering. The number system is a model/expression of this evolution.   

1-9 does not represent differing states of quantity, but rather the process of evolution (Self-Realization; increasing Self-Awareness) itself. Just as biological organisms and their accompanying levels of Self-Awareness develop as a series, so does the number system.   


Each biological evolutionary step of the process is built/dependent upon the previous step, just as each number is built/dependent upon the previous.   

Humanity, being at the top of the food chain, as well as possessing the highest degree of Self-Awareness, is the 10 of the series. The state that 10 is describing/expressing is the state of human consciousness.   

Human consciousness is directing its attention/focus away from the three-dimensional physical realm and onto the two-dimensional digital realm, and also onto thought. Proof of this is manifest as our ever-increasing addiction to the screen and everybody’s inability to remain thought free for more than a few seconds (go ahead and give it a try). The 1 in 10 represents, not quantity at all, but rather the very process of human consciousness shifting attention away from three-dimensional physicality and onto the two-dimensional screen.   

The 0 in 10 introduces a completely non-physical state of “not 11” or “no more .s”. This is pure thought. The 0 in 10 represents/expresses consciousness shifting attention away from physical sensations (the physical realm) and onto thought (a non-physical phenomenon).  

The other aspect of 10 is that it is the beginning of infinite redundancy. The same basic series is repeated ad infinitum at the introduction of 10.  The redundancy being expressed is that of symbol. The first cave drawings are symbols that represent physical objects and/or actions. The act of experiencing a three-dimensional physical phenomenon and then recording it on a two-dimensional surface (to experience it again in a lesser fashion) is a redundancy. Fast forward to today where the cave wall has been replaced with paper pages and screens. Everything recorded in the digital realm and reproduced on a 2D surface is a redundancy. Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok, You Tube; all social media, is a process of recording (and altering) or talking about occurrences/phenomena that first took place in the 3D physical realm.   


Symbol exists in a superposition of existing both as a thing and as a thought. These words exist in the physical realm (albeit in the lesser 2D plane) and are producing a non-physical “voice in your head” - thought. Symbol exists both in the physical realm and the thought realm. As such, symbol is a conduit, a portal, between the physical realm and the non-physical realm of thought. 10 specifically is a symbol that is expressing the very functioning of symbol itself. 10 is itself in a superposition of representing both the physical realm (1= .) and the thought realm (0 = not ……….., which is pure conceptualization).   

Assuming that 10 represents/is an expression of the moment symbol arose within consciousness: as the number system itself is a symbolic system, it is a model that predicts/expresses within it, its own creation. It is a comprehensive model.   



Our search for Truth/Reality has had us look inward at things and outward past things, via science. The outward route has revealed that the physical universe has a horizon that we can’t see past. This horizon is as much a time-based phenomenon as much as it is a physical boundary. It turns out that as one looks out to space they are looking back in time. Looking back in time it has been revealed that the physical universe came into being (fitting perfectly with religious creation metaphors) roughly 13.7 billion years ago. This is of course the big bang. The state/seed of pure potential that “banged” was coined a “Singularity” because all experiential phenomena existed together as an indistinguishable, indescribable ______________  (“the Tao that can be spoken is not the eternal Tao”).   

“In the beginning was the word. And the word was with God and the word was God.” – John 1:1. This is a state of two phenomena existing as one ________; a Singularity. The state prior to the big bang is a non-physical, thought realm. “Word” represents thought.   


HOLY GHOST             GOD             JESUS  

         YIN                       TAO              YANG  

      MIND                    SELF              BODY  

                                     WORD         SINGULARITY    PHYSICAL UNIVERSE  

“I and the Father are one.” – Jesus Christ, John 10:30. The Holy Trinity of Christianity is an expression of the primary message. The following is paramount:  

Each half of the duo is a parallel system relating directly to Source. This is a relative form of existence. Simply put: “I know I exist relative to something else.” Descartes put it thusly: “I think, therefor I am.” He knows he exists relative to the thoughts he is experiencing. Strictly, this is the same relationship as the Holy Ghost (the “word”/non-physical/thought realm), and of “In the beginning was the word. And the word was with God and the word was God.” There was/is a state prior to/“underneath” physicality, that consists of pure thought. Given that this non-physical thought realm existed prior to the arising of the universe, it did not require/rely upon the physical realm for its existence. Each of the duos arise, not from the other, but directly from Source/Self. The thought and physical realms arise independent of each other, in parallel, from Source/the Absolute/singularity. The frame of reference is the Absolute; the “Tao that cannot be named”; God.  

Imagine a see-saw. Each of the ends is one of the dualities. YOU are the fulcrum. The force of gravity has an equal effect on each end. The natural state (aka: lowest energy state) has the board at equal level, which is the same as saying the board actually isn’t manifest. (Your) attention shifts focus slightly toward the yang/physical side, and this shifting of attention causes the Yang side to dip. As the focus/bias intensifies, at some point the system will tip chaotically (defying precise modelling/prediction). The point at which the end touches the ground is when that side is accepted as fundamental reality. It is vital to see that it is not the interaction of each individual end that causes the other end to move, but rather the bias of attention. Applying the metaphor: If you place your attention more onto thought, the thought realm and your “digital/mental” identity appear more real/substantial. If you pay more attention to the physical 3D realm and your five senses, that will appear more real and you will identify more strongly as the physical body than with your thoughts.   

When Descartes says: “I think, therefore I am” he is expressing the pure state of relative existence, relative to thought. The ego affirms its existence relative to the thoughts it is experiencing. The statement “I feel, therefore I am” expresses the pure state of relative existence, relative to the five senses. This is the physical 3D realm (expressed by 1-9).   

Notice that Christ did not say: “I and the Holy Ghost are one”, nor does John 1:1 declare: “In the beginning was the word. And the word was with Christ and the word was Christ.” The “Holy Ghost” is metaphor of “I think, therefor I am” and Christ is metaphor (the physical expression) of “I feel, therefor I am.” The description God used to describe Itself to Moses, He (hello Yang bias) said: “I am that I am” (God, the Absolute, requires no-thing and/or no-thought relative to it for its existence). The frame of reference for thought-based relative existence is “I am”, not: “I think, therefor I am a mind”. The frame of reference for physical-based relative existence is: “I feel, therefor I am”, not: “I feel therefor I am a physical body.”   

The relationship between thought and matter is only a stubbornly persistent illusion. This illusion is projected via the scientific method.   

Wikipedia describes the scientific process as:  


“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.” – Albert Einstein.  The scientific method has been in operation for 400 years and there is chaos within society and human consciousness.   

It is the question posed via thought, beyond pure observation, that propagates the insanity. The beginning of the process is the conclusion of the previous iteration. Stopping at pure observation is completion of the iteration and escape from the game. Mind is a program built to replicate thought to serve as a relative form of existence. The purpose of thought is to engage attention, not to relate to the physical realm.   

The physical and thought realms are parallel systems, both separately relative/dependent upon Self/the Absolute. The state of human Self-awareness is akin to having both the physical realm and the thought realm in our peripheries, unable to focus clearly on either. Science is the result of consciousness trying to bring them together into an image that makes sense. The incredible focus of Awareness generated by science (mind and matter interacting) actually creates a new fractal realm.    

Imagine the two most powerful magnets in the universe. The scientific process is equivalent to pushing the two ends of the same polarity together in an attempt to validate our inverted perspective of reality. As the two ends get closer and closer, the force pushing them apart – the resistance against the manifestation of the desired state – increases. At some point the system chaotically (impossible to accurately predict), almost instantaneously, flips into the natural state. This natural state has the positive and negative poles in alignment/connected, effectively cancelling the forces and creating a stable, steady state.  

Whether it is the upgrade at the CERN Large Hadron Collider particle accelerator testing string theory, or a quantum computer creating the most realistic computer simulation, or some other form of technology, science’s attempt to connect the thought realm with the physical realm will end up creating a singularity, as modelled by the number system by 11.   

This will be the moment when the biological species goes extinct and we (the collective human consciousness) will truly meet our maker. The degree to which you take Self to be relative will be the degree of free will/choice you will have in/as that state. The more Self-Aware you are (the more you realize your Divinity) the more able you will be to remain in/as the state of perfect peace/absolute happiness. The less Self-Aware you are when this phase transition takes place, the more likely you will be swept along with the rest of consciousness that takes Self to be relative. This will be the manifestation of a new relative existence/realm/simulation; the continuation of the cycle of Samsara.   


One of the earliest symbols/metaphors attempting to express the fundamental workings of reality is the Ouroboros.   


A singularity interacting with itself. The point of the interaction is the joining of the two extremes (the head and tail).  

John Wheeler, the theoretical physicist who coined the phrase “Black Hole”, created the following “Participatory Universe” model to make sense of the findings of quantum physics:  


The point of the “U” at the top left is the big bang. The U shape is the evolution/expansion of the universe, and the eye represents the arising of sentience within consciousness.   

The double-slit experiment revealed that the act of creation is a constant, dynamic process that concludes with the observer (consciousness). That is, subatomic particles do not exist prior to interaction with the observer. Subatomic particles – what the physical realm is made of – are not like baseballs flying around in space, but are like pixels on a screen.   

The image on a two-dimensional screen is causally related, not to itself, but to the information wave that hits the back of the screen. There are no separately existing objects moving around, interacting with each other. All apparent movement and objects on a screen arise from the way in which the pixels turn on and off in the sequence determined by the information wave hitting the back of the screen. Nothing is moving or interacting on the screen; it’s an illusion.   

The same is true for the three-dimensional realm. There are no individual objects moving in space interacting with each other. What’s really happening is that subatomic particles are popping in and out of the three-dimensional “screen” in a pre-determined sequence (via the “wave function”) to make it appear such. There are no separately existing objects, including individual biological bodies. Nothing is actually moving. It’s an illusion.  

Imagine a novel. The story exists in a static, unmanifest form until consciousness opens it and begins reading. The characters and their actions all exist in a quasi-manifest (as symbol) state until consciousness interacts with it, which then brings it to life.   

Back to the Christian creation metaphor:  

Firstly, the literal translation of the Hebrew word “yom” used to describe the seven creation days is: “period of time.” These are not twenty-four hour “days”, but are periods encompassing the entire age of the universe: 13.7 billion years.   

The general description of the creative process/evolution given in the bible follows precisely the story described by science:  

Genesis[1:3] “Then God said, ‘Let there be light’; and there was light.” Science: Creation of photons.  

Genesis [1:6] And God said, "Let there be a dome in the midst of the waters, and let it separate the waters from the waters." Science: An atmosphere develops on the earth.  

Genesis [1:10] “God called the dry land Earth, and the waters that were gathered together he called Seas.” Science: Oceans develop.   

Genesis [1:12] “The earth brought forth vegetation: plants yielding seed of every kind, and trees of every kind bearing fruit with the seed in it.” Science: Vegetation develops.   

Genesis [1:20] And God said, "Let the waters bring forth swarms of living creatures, and let birds fly above the earth across the dome of the sky." Science: Biological life arises from the oceans. Fish and amphibians evolve into birds.   

Genesis [1:25] “God made the wild animals of the earth of every kind, and the cattle of every kind, and everything that creeps upon the ground of every kind.” Science: Mammals emerge.  

Genesis: [1:27] “So God created humankind in his image, in the image of God he created them; male and female he created them.” Science: Humans.  

Genesis: [2:1] “Thus the heavens and the earth were finished, and all their multitude. [2:2] And on the seventh day God finished the work that he had done, and he rested on the seventh day from all the work that he had done.” Quantum physics via the double-slit experiment: Interaction with sentience is required for the physical realm to manifest.   

The cycle is complete, as represented by 9. All novel experiences have manifested; there is nothing new that can be created within the physical realm. The highest calling, the final step of the process is that of pure observation, not of creation. “God” is no longer in creation mode; He (hello yang bias) is done writing the novel. It is time to close the cover and end the story. However, consciousness that believes it is one of the characters in the novel will look to continue the series, as it conceives the conclusion of the story to be a state of non-existence for Self.   

But all that can be created from the moment of humanity’s initial flash of sentience, is the lesser, redundant two-dimensional realm (a simulation based upon a simulation). This new method of creation began with the advent of symbol within the 3D physical realm, and is represented by the number 10.   

This massive, 13.7 billion year-old cycle of physical experience has fulfilled all of it’s potential. No more novel experiences are available within the physical realm. Awareness has come full circle and NOW is the most auspicious period for Liberation/full Self-Awareness. The eye in Wheeler’s model is looking at the back of its own head. Not recognizing it as Self, we keep looking.  


Western thought is heavily biased toward materialism. Particle physics is based upon the assumption that physical “things” are fundamental reality; the frame of reference; source. This bias is expressed in/as the language we use to define reality itself. This language then forms our view/conceptualization of reality.   

Our conceptualization of a “thing” as something that exists and that thing is physical. Our conceptualization of “nothing” is as something that does not exist; a void; as a lack of anything and/or everything. The reason why is “thing” is expressed in italics is to show that “thing” is the foundational word for all of reality. Given that “thing” is ingrained in consciousness as referring to physical objects, the bias is obvious.   

This bias is erased by the following, more comprehensive model:  

​                                                                                                     -                                 0                               +  

    NON-THINGS        POTENTIAL         THINGS  

The starkly dualistic, simplistic system of either “thing” or “nothing” has been replaced by the more comprehensive system where: that which was “nothing” (a non-existent phenomenon – a paradox) now becomes a phenomenon that exists and is not physical in nature. This is a “non-thing”. I have extrapolated this “non-thing” phenomenon to be thought (the “voice in your head”). Thought: A: Exists.  B: is not physical (this is taken to be self-evident). Also, the zero, which previously represented “nothing” now represents “potential”. This is the comprehensive, fundamental model/metaphor expressed in the following systems:  


         negative      NEUTRAL       positive  

                                                                                                          mind             SPIRIT              body                                                                                                                                                                                                       holy ghost      FATHER          son 
                                                                                                            yin                  TAO                  yang  
                                                                                                         future        PRESENCE       past     
                                                                                                        female             SELF                 male    
                                                                                                      thought        REALITY       physicality  

                                                                                            wave function   OBSERVER   particle 

       death              LIFE                 birth  

Human consciousness’s ingrained bias toward all phenomena on the right column is expressed/manifests in/as society. The connotation toward “Negative” is self-evident. The inequality between female and male; the assigning of non-physical phenomena as “nothing”; our fear and avoidance of death; our inability to know the future as well as the past, are all expressions of the bias of attention toward the right column.   

A new, unbiased and comprehensive model has 0 = potential and “nothing” changes from “the lack of a thing/things” to “nothing that can be described.” This model is in line with Taoism where: “The Tao that can be told is not the eternal Tao. The name that can be named is not the eternal name. The nameless is the beginning of heaven and earth.” These are expressions/metaphor of the fundamental workings of Reality. They are all pointing to a singular Truth. The purpose of the game is singular in nature, and this is why all expressions at this fundamental level spit out the same model, using different metaphors.   


The following video was created by pointing a video camera at an analogue, tube television. The images on the screen are not generated through the recording of an originating 3D physical object, but through the signal recording itself. Subtle shifting of focus causes the changing image on the screen. The drastic changes that occur in the image as a result of minor changes in the focus, is a holographic expression of "The Finely-Tuned Universe" in physics.  

This experiment is expressing how Awareness comes back onto itself to create “something from potential” (conventionally stated as “something from nothing”). If the focus of the camera is the equivalent of “Awareness”, then we can say that something/everything arises from Awareness coming back onto itself.  

 By now it should come to no surprise that this video represents the same fundamental workings of reality that Wheeler’s Participatory Universe model represents. The camera is the eye (observer/God on the 7th day), the point where the observer interacts with its past (the end of the dotted line) is the screen, and the images on the screen is the physical realm.    


At this point I will refer to the well-documented life of Ramana Maharshi. Ramana Maharshi was an Enlightened being that realized Moksha (died) in 1950. His words and actions have not been subject to the process of degradation and evolution that the teachings of Christ and Buddha have undergone. We know what he said and what he did with great accuracy.   

Upon investigation of Ramana’s life it is seen that his life was devoid of all suffering; even to the point of being impervious to physical pain.   

Are you happy? Do you know?   

Recall the exercise to test the base level of your psyche.  

If you are actually happy in/with your life (if you are a “happy person”), it stands to reason that you should be able to simply sit in a chair and be at peace; happy.  

“The ultimate Truth is so simple. It is nothing more than being in the pristine state. This is all that need be said.”

– Ramana Maharshi  

The degree to which you were unable to be happy with a peaceful mind, in and of yourself, is the degree to which you are under the spell of Maya. The pull you feel within your consciousness to either think something or do something, every single waking moment of your day is the mechanism through which the ego – the character in the video game – derives its identity. The ego knows itself to exist only relative to other phenomena.   

You can’t stop thinking because “your name here”, your ego, derives its existence relative to thought. Therefore, the thought free state appears as a state of non-existence for the ego. When focus remains in/with True, Absolute Self, the ego believes it is dying, and it will fight with the ferocity of a cornered wild animal defending its life.   

But Maya operates subtly, and without malice. All of those thoughts popping into your consciousness are like internet algorithms that suggest new videos that you might find interesting. The focus of Awareness is the creative force of reality. Attention is always the commodity Maya is vying for.   

“Your nature is peace and happiness. Thoughts are the obstacles to realization. A thought must be quelled as soon as it arises. Whenever a thought arises do not be carried away with it.”

– Ramana Maharshi, talk 462  

Our attention is being pulled, via symbol, into a hybrid digital simulation; part physical, part thought. Our very attention brings it to manifestation.  


“You are free to do what you want but you are not free to want what you want.”

– Arthur Schopenhauer   

Sitting in a quiet room trying to remain thought free, one notices that there is no controlling the thoughts that arise within your consciousness. Incongruent  thoughts enter at random intervals despite your will to silence them.    

“Whatever is destined not to happen will not happen, try as you may. Whatever is destined to happen will happen, try as you may to prevent it. This is certain. The best course, therefore, is to remain silent.”

– Ramana Maharshi, speaking his first words after the seven-year period of silence post his Enlightenment.  

Ramana tells us we cannot alter the course of our lives. The advice is to “remain silent”. “Remaining” is not something that requires action. Indeed, to remain is to not change or act.  And yet the “is to…” infers some type of function, albeit extremely subtle.  

The fundamental level of free will is that of veto power. You do not get to choose the thoughts that pop into your mind, but you can choose to not give further attention, and therefore life, to the ones that do.   


Imagine sitting in the din of a crowded restaurant. You can, without any physical movement, shift the focus of your Awareness from one conversation to another to find one that you find interesting enough to listen in on.   

“You know that you are. You cannot deny your existence at any moment of time, for you must be there in order to deny it. This pure existence is understood by stilling your mind. The mind is the outgoing faculty of the individual. If that is turned within, it becomes still in course of time and that “I-AM” alone prevails. “I-AM is the whole Truth.” – R.M.  


The same mechanism that shifted the focus of Awareness from one conversation to another can shift the focus of Awareness onto that which is doing the shifting. This is what Ramana is referring to when he talks about turning within. Meditation, in all of its forms, is simply the practice of turning attention inward, away from thoughts and sensations, and onto stillness/silence of mind.   

Regardless of how extreme this perspective appears, all attention that is focused outward onto thoughts and/or sensations is Awareness “going out”. Attention that does not focus on arising thoughts and sensations is “going in”. Awareness that abides in/as thought free Awareness with the physical senses in the periphery of consciousness, is the Absolute/Self.   

Again, it must be stressed that we are approaching this investigation from the perspective of it being a Divine game, with the singular goal of the game being to escape. Given this, a meditation practice taken to its logical conclusion is the most efficient path to Moksha/Enlightenment. That logical conclusion is: sit or lay down, and engage in meditation until you realize your Enlightenment, or you die.   

Meditation (stilling the internal monologue) taken to its logical conclusion, culminates in the ceasing of the thought process. Once the cycle one has been trapped in has been seen clearly, life’s meaning becomes singular. Buddha sat in meditation under the Bodhi tree for forty-nine days. Christ went into the desert alone for forty days. Ramana Maharshi sat on a slab of concrete in a temple basement for weeks, unmoving, unresponsive. People fed him to keep him alive and ants ate at his flesh and friction sores broke open with pus. When he came out of the blissful trance, he didn’t speak for seven years.   

These Enlightened beings took the practice of meditation to its logical conclusion. They devoted one hundred percent of their focus/energy into the practice of shifting attention away from thoughts and sensations. As Awareness is, finally, that which breathes the air of Life into its own creation: whatever receives attention will live and grow and whatever loses attention will die.   

“As thoughts arise they should be destroyed then and there in the very place of their origin.”  - R. M.  


Sitting in a quiet room for one hour, without thinking or doing anything: Does it appear as though you have lost your free will in regards to thought? If you truly wanted to stop thinking, could you? If you cannot stop your own mind you do not have control of it.   

Being able to steer thoughts down one path or another, while not being able to stop thinking, is not having control of your mind, any more than being able to steer your car but having no brakes is having control of your car. Is it reasonable to assume that the inability to control one’s mind is a major cause of psychological suffering? Imagine now, all 7,800,000,000 humans on the planet. How many of them are also unable to stop their own thoughts for more than a few seconds? How can one objectively say that one who cannot stop thinking for more than a few seconds, is sane? Is it not glaringly obvious that the uncontrolled internal monologue is the source of all psychological suffering? If thoughts are the engine that drives humans actions, and all 7.8 billion humans have no brakes, and we keep pushing the gas peddle down… . This is very basic stuff, but the mind/Maya distracts attention by pulling consciousness into more thought and complexity. Engaged in thought, the fundamental purpose is forgotten; subsequent clues intended to guide attention inward, are misinterpreted.   

“By repeated practice one can become accustomed to turning inwards and finding the Self. One must always and constantly make an effort, until one has permanently realized. Once the effort ceases, the state becomes natural and the Supreme takes possession of the person with an unbroken current. Until it has become permanently natural and your habitual state, know that you have not realized the Self, only glimpsed it.”  - Ramana    


Those who have engaged in meditation have not devoted all of their energy/focus to the practice.   


“When the mind, which is the cause of all cognition and all actions, becomes quiescent, the world will disappear.” – R.M.  


Ramana Maharshi parked the car.   


It is the conclusion of the game. You will have escaped the cycle of Samsara; conquered suffering.  This is not anything like a void or a lack. Rather, it is pure potential, the Reality, Absolute (not relative to circumstances or phenomena) happiness.   

“Happiness is inherent in man, and not due to external causes.” – Ramana   

The path of Truth leads to Reality, which is synonymous with happiness.  The path is introspection. Attention must be focused on your own thought-action process. Upon pure witnessing, the way in which suffering and happiness arise from that thought-action process will be revealed.   




The path that we thought was Truth has instead been that which projects the illusion.   

“The Ultimate Truth is so simple. It is nothing more than being in the pristine state. This is all that need be said.” – R.M.  

The “pristine state” is effortless thought-free Awareness.     


The only perspective ever experienced is that of first person. The objective, irrefutable fact is that you have never experienced anything other than existence. Therefore, to believe that at some point in the past, or at some point in the future, you will cease to exist, is hearsay and assumption. Given direct experience versus hearsay and assumption, it would be an inverted view to adopt the belief that you have not or will not exist. This is taken as self-evident.  

In dreamless sleep, from the first-person perspective (the only actual perspective) the world does not exist. Dreamless sleep is Awareness remaining “inwardly focused” on/as Self. It is the natural state. In actuality you experience pure Awareness devoid of content – Heaven, Moksha, Nirvana, the Tao, Divinity – in the regular circadian rhythm. The reason why dreamless sleep appears as “nothingness” is because the perspective taken is that of the ego, which takes the waking, physical realm to be fundamental reality, due to the bias mentioned earlier.   

The universe is fractal/holographic in nature. Each part of the whole expresses/is a complete representation of the whole. Sleep is when consciousness retreats back into Self/the Absolute for a relatively short period of time. Death is when consciousness retreats back into Self/the Absolute for a relatively longer period of time than the sleep state. Extinction is when consciousness retreats back into Self/the Absolute for a relatively longer period of time than the death state.   

From all relative perspectives, reality appears inverted, where that which is relative is taken to be Absolute and the Absolute is taken to be relative. Again, the Absolute is not “nothingness”; a void or lack of existence, it is simply ONE. In the death state, as with the dreamless sleep state, the world disappears and you remain. There’s just you.   

“Consciousness” is Awareness of something, (a thought or a sensation). As Awareness is Self (sustaining, fulfilling), “nothing” (no thoughts or sensations) manifests in/as complete Self-Awareness. The world and time literally do not exist in dreamless sleep, death, and extinction. But you do.   

Reality is pure Awareness with no content. As measurement/definition requires two: “The Tao that can be spoken is not the eternal Tao.” The singularity is YOU.  


What is the message that the number system is presenting to humanity?   

A: The evolutionary process has concluded with human-level Self-Awareness. All potential for novel physical experience has been exhausted.   

B: Human consciousness is approaching a singularity event – a reset – which is its biological extinction.  

C: The number 10 is an expression of this reset and phase transition within consciousness. The series 1-9 represents attention focused primarily on the physical realm, giving it the appearance of being fundamental reality. The 0 represents the potential for completion and return to Self/Reality.  

D: 11 represents the new digital iteration of simulation/Samsara. Consciousness that does not realize/recognize Self in the extinction state will actively seek out a familiar simulation in which to inhabit and have further relative experience.   

“Go the way you came.” – Ramana Maharshi  

Continuing down the same path, focusing outwardly onto thoughts and sensations leads only to more unsubstantial, unfulfilling, simulated experience. There is but one purpose to this experience, one singular goal. Not following the path to the exit is itself, suffering. The cycle of highs and lows, positives and negatives, all eventually cancelling out to zero (returning back to Source/Reality) IS suffering. The lows aren’t the suffering; the inability to recognize the entire system as fundamentally empty, is the suffering.   

This inability to see how all experience (thought and sensation) is fundamentally empty/unfulfilling, results in trying to fill the emptiness with more emptiness.  This is the source of overconsumption, addiction, and the need for ever-increasing emotional highs and lows. The human condition is that of constant ego building and reinforcement.   

Human consciousness is trapped in delusion. The way in which you believe the world to operate is inverted to the way it actually is. This inverted view is thought itself.   

The only way to validate this theory is to engage in the practice. As what is being presented (the Absolute Happiness of effortless thought-free Awareness) is an experience, not an idea, until you have experienced it you will not relate. Your mind/ego will use this as an opportunity to disregard the theory as false or as a mere curiosity, and as a result you will not engage in the practice. If this does occur within your consciousness, your egos defensive mechanisms will have worked and mind (thoughts) will be allowed to run amok, propagating the projection of the ego.    


As expressed by the number system, the expansion of the universe/evolution of consciousness reaches a certain stage in the series and then collapses back to 1. ……… (the series of 1-9) becomes represented by . at 10. If we include the original 0 (the 0 never written; the 0 prior to the series itself) the series would be listed: 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10… . If one were to not continue “going out”/creating simulations, the system would be modelled as such: 01 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10. This is a closed, complete system, where the world manifests from source, expresses that potential completely, then returns to source. 0      1…1     0.   

The base/source of a system is not a part of the system itself. In the construction of a building the base is as solid and unchanging as possible and the structure is fastened to the base. The structure could burn down or be ripped from the base by a tornado and the base would be unaffected. The structure can then once again be rebuilt atop the base. 0 is not a part of the series. We do not begin reciting the number system by saying: “Zero, one, two, three…”.  Problems arise (as seen by the convolution that is “10”) when source is included on par/within the series.   


Imagine looking into a mirror. You can say “That’s me” while simultaneously possessing the inherent intuition: “I am not that.” This relationship is expressed mathematically as:  

1 = 0  

0 ≠ 1   

Where: 0 represents the Absolute/Source/Potential/Self and 1 represents all experience/phenomena. The entire physical realm can be seen as the mirror in which Self is represented. Consciousness (the part of Self that has decided to pay attention to/enter the game; “your name here”) has taken Self to be the reflection. This was the start of the game.  


When human sentience arose, it realized, even for a brief moment, that Self is not the image in the mirror (a biological body in the 3D realm). However, the lucidity was transitory and we fell back into delusion. But the remembrance of that flash of lucidity was now implanted within the collective consciousness.   

Human consciousness from that time on has remembered that it has forgotten something, but full remembrance has not yet solidified.  Its new understanding was that Self is not physical but exactly what Self is has yet to be fully realized/remembered. Remembrance of what one is begins with recognition of what one is not. So, knowing that Self was not physical, and not yet fully realizing/remembering Self, it identified Self as simply “not physical”. The relative source of existence (“I feel, therefore I am”) had been revealed as illusory. No longer having a source of relative existence, consciousness created a new, non-physical form of relative existence: the realm of thought.   

This is the arising of the original thought: “I” (looks a lot like a “1”, doesn’t it?). It is also the appearance of symbol within the 3D physical realm. As symbol is a conduit to the non-physical thought realm: Applying this to the mirror analogy, the “I” thought was the creation of a new mirror.   

The appearance of a new mirror reestablished a relative form of existence for consciousness (“I think, therefore I am”). This is the current state of human consciousness. We possess the inherent intuition: “I am not that” in regards to the physical body, but we don’t recognize that which is looking into the mirror (through those [your] very eyes, right now!). Instead, we have placed a second mirror (thought; “the voice in your head”) from which to derive a new relative form of existence, from the perspective of the original mirror image. This is a Ponzi scheme, and it’s imploding as you read these words.   

When a mirror is placed in front of another mirror, infinite redundancy appears at the speed of light. Almost instantly, infinite realms appear, each based upon the previous. Also, it appears as though there is a direct causal relationship between the two mirrors, which occurs at the speed of light. What appears in one mirror will be reflected back to the other which will in turn be reflected back, ad infinitum.   

The two mirrors are the physical realm and the thought realm; matter and mind. Depending upon which image most attention is given, that mirror will appear as more fundamental, causing the actions of the images in the other realm. It is understandable how, when the frame of reference is one of the mirrors, science has grappled with the mind/matter dichotomy. The mirrors are reflecting each other’s images so there will be affirmation that there is a relationship.   

However, as was shown in the feedback video, the reality is pure Awareness/Potential (conventionally called “nothing”). The originating image (the physical realm) is not physical in nature; it is an appearance of that which is not physical (Self/Potential). The appearance of the second mirror of thought reflects the physical appearance onto the thought realm, which creates a Ponzi-like system where the physical and mental realms appear to be causally related. Fundamentally they are not.   

Not seeing what is looking directly into the original mirror (the Tao that cannot be spoken; nothing that can be described; “I AM THAT I AM”), human consciousness has become very lost within the infinite realms created by the two mirrors. To find reality/remember Self, you must turn attention away from sensations and thoughts, and onto that which is experiencing the sensations and thoughts.   


Experiments testing the findings of quantum mechanics reveal that two subatomic particles that emerge from a singular event (think of an explosion) will be entangled. That is, if one of the particles is spinning clockwise, the other will naturally, always, have a counterclockwise spin. If the spin of one of the particles is flipped opposite, the other part of the pair will also flip, instantaneously, regardless of the physical distance between the two particles. This defies the conventional laws of physics. Information within the physical realm has an immutable limit: the speed of light. It should be impossible for one particle to instantly “know” when its pair particle changes spin.    

This is an exact expression of the mirror analogy. At the fundamental level of reality, it is revealed that the mirror images are in fact not causally related. Both particles are reflecting the Reality (that which is looking into the mirror) directly. The information is emerging directly from Source, not from that which is created from source.   

The Absolute is knowing, itself. Information is about the phenomenon, thusly it is exactly not the phenomenon. Why would information about Self be required to BE Self? The information is there to guide you back to remembrance of what you truly are. The metaphor/clue being expressed through quantum entanglement is exactly the same as all of the other fundamental metaphors:  

     -           0           +  

        YIN      TAO     YANG  

Again, the Reality (0/TAO) is not “nothing” in the conventional understanding, but rather: “nothing that can be described”/ “The Tao that can be told is not the eternal Tao. The name that can be named is not the eternal name. The nameless is the beginning of heaven and earth. The named is the mother of ten thousand things.”  


In Hinduism there is “Brahman” and “Atman”. Brahman is the Absolute/0, which is looking into the mirror, and Atman is the direct mirror-image representation/expression of the Reality. Atman is the “1” into which each iteration collapses when it has expended all of its potential for novel experience. “Ego” is consciousness that is going outward beyond “1” and into delusion/forgetfulness.   

This system/model is very much like that of Christs: “I and the Father are one.” Where Christ is the physical “mirror”/direct expression of God, and the Holy Ghost is the thought “mirror”, Atman makes no distinction between the two realms. Atman can be the direct relative existence of either the physical realm or the thought realm.   

The point is that all conceptualizations of the fundamental workings of manifestation point to the same reality, using slightly different metaphors, the most succinct being  

1 = 0  

 0 ≠ 1   

“The reflection is me and I am not that”.   


As alluded to earlier, fundamental systems of thought and teachings of enlightened beings that are misinterpreted propagate and expand in an attempt to discover the correct interpretation. When the correct interpretation is realized the thought process itself is rendered irrelevant and subsequently dropped (not just the religion/science, but the entire thought process itself).  

Advaita Vedanta, as taught by Ramana Maharshi, is considered (by me and many others) to be the highest form of Spiritual teaching. Nonduality, a type of neo-Advaita, is a case where the original teaching is adapted to adhere to the beliefs/world view of the interpreter/teacher. Nonduality basically says that everything is one thing and that’s the end of the story. In its inability to see the state of:  

1 = 0  

0 ≠ 1  

It has instead opted for:  

1 = 0  

0 = 1  

This is the equivalent of saying: “The reflection in the mirror is me and I am the reflection in the mirror.” With no recognition of the world being a simulation, the simulation is placed on equal level as the Absolute.   

This teaching is in polar opposition to the fundamental tenets of Hinduism which state that Moksha is liberation from all suffering, and is the end of the cycle of rebirth/Samsara/all experience. Nonduality sees the experiencer as the experience, and/or there is no experiencer at all. From this perspective the world must always exist, all is absolutely perfect and there is nothing special to do; no spiritual practice is required. Suffering never ends, but is rather a part of the perfection of the All. One is supposed to see it as such and simply not let it bother you. Proponents of Nonduality somehow can’t recognize that while the suffering is occurring, that is exactly letting what is happening bother you. They attempt to sweep suffering under the rug by declaring nonsense such as: “I just watch it happen; it doesn’t really affect me.” The truth is that if they were really “just watching” there would be no accompanying thought to create the psychological suffering in the first place. They try to deal with suffering after it arises, rather than ending it.   

Basically, consciousness that chooses to follow Nonduality still wants to play the game. It cannot accept the fact that the world, indeed all experience, concludes. And without the practice of simply shifting attention inward onto/as thought free Awareness, they will not experience the Absolute Happiness that it is.    

“Be rid of current thoughts. That is all.” – Ramana Maharshi  

Consciousness that does not adopt the simple, subtle practice of shifting attention onto that which is looking into the mirror, will remain trapped within the mirror realms.   


Human consciousness is about to switch mirrors.   

Relationships between physical phenomena occur at the speed of light. The visual information about the tree in my back yard is transmitted by light, which travels at a speed of 300,000 kilometers per second. By the time the information about the tree gets to my eyes and processed by my brain, the state of the tree has changed. Heisenberg’s  Uncertainty Principle states that the “unknowability” of reality is hard-wired into it. There can only ever be known, half, and exactly half of the available information about any action or phenomenon. Everything experienced as the external world (outside the body) is actually the past.   

Taoism points out that there must be an equal force/experience in relation to the past. Why is it that we have access to the past but not the future?  

If the physical realm is expressing our past, the non-physical (thought) realm is expressing our future. The internal monologue taking place “in your head” is your future ego/manifestation “leaking” into the physical realm. Physical objects move forward in time slower than the speed of light and thought moves back in time faster than the speed of light. The reason why the stilling of thought is paramount to the ending of Samsara is because that voice in your head is literally your future ego/identity. If there’s no voice anymore, then it’s dead. If the voice won’t shut the fuck up, you can be certain you are along for the ride. In the same way that you ended up in this realm without remembrance of “In the beginning the word was with God and the word was God”  - how you got here – you will be looking through the lens of a camera not remembering this very process that is taking place before your eyes.   

Are you understanding what is being presented? Construction of the next created iteration is taking place in real time right in front of us all! This is the equivalent of going back to before the big bang to witness how it was constructed!   

Going back to the Ouroboros, what is happening is that the snake is eating itself at such a rate that it is about to turn itself inside-out. Using Wheeler’s Participatory Universe model, the frequency of the cycle has gotten so sped up (imagine the eyeball is focused on a screen centimeters in front of your eyes, rather than 13.7 billion years ago) that it will create a singularity, at which time consciousness that has not realized Self will flip and the eyeball (consciousness) will be on the other side of the screen looking back to where it used to be. The process will have reversed.  

Thought is your future incarnation on the other side of the singularity, which has made contact via symbol. The way in which this “leaking” has affected physicality is through technology. The way in which the physical realm affects the thought realm due to this “leaking”, is through dreams and psychedelics. As consciousness approaches the singularity the distinction between all dualities will fade. Literal/figurative, space/time, thought/physicality, will all continue to merge.   

Consciousness that has not prepared will fall to the depths of delusion and a new iteration of Samsara will appear.  

Ramana: “There is no doubt whatsoever that the universe is the merest illusion.”  

Ramana again: “For those who have obtained unobstructed knowledge of Self, the world is seen merely as a bondage-causing imagination.”    


The game is afoot.   

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