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Humanity knows that it exists but doesn’t know why. It doesn’t even know why it asks the question.

The “WHY” has not been answered, and the WHY is the only question that really matters. Without understanding the purpose of life one will languish in confusion, doubt and fear.

Mathematics/science has not answered the “WHY”. The search that mathematicians and scientists are on, is the intended path to the “WHY”, but the path they are on will never lead to the “WHY”. Mathematics is invented (starting with addition/counting; the creation of “quantity”) by the very consciousness that is asking the question “WHY”, so how the heck is that invention supposed to know something that it’s creator doesn’t know?

Only the creator would know the motivation behind the creation. And the creator could implant a message within the operating mechanism of the creation that could provide a clue as to the “WHY”. But this clue can’t be as specific as these words telling you: you are God, as you simply don’t believe it and therefore the message would go unheeded by everyone.

But if this message were discovered at the most fundamental level of something universally recognized and ubiquitous, then the importance and gravity of the message can be recognized.

Then it can be taken seriously/literally.

The Fundamental Model of Reality and the Evolutionary Number System are clues implanted within consciousness as to the “WHY”. There is meaning to numbers. It is a simple, biggest-picture view of the state of human consciousness within the cycle of Samsara. The number system has NOTHING to do with quantity. Quantity removes meaning and purpose and replaces it with information. The problem is that the information it produces is like crack to a certain type of consciousness, and who the fuck cares about meaning and purpose when you’re on trippin' on a thought-high?

The Theory of Enlightenment reveals the meaning of numbers. This revelation is not without a trade-off. The trade-off is the recognition that the manipulation of the number system that is all of mathematics, is the incorrect interpretation and utilization of the number system. Given that this information is a fundamental expression of the force of Maya/creation itself (as a map, not a tool) it’s misuse has massively important repercussions. This misuse has been the creation of technology that has created the digital realm of the screen, and human consciousness is helplessly addicted to the screen. This addiction is affecting how humanity sees the world and operates.

You are looking for the “WHY”. You need to know why this exists and mathematics and/or science will never lead you to the answer.

Do not allow the ego to slough this off as nonsense!

Yes it is all so fantastical and hard to accept, but look at the fantastical state in which we find ourselves!THE ENTIRE WORLD is experiencing the exponential growth of debt and as a result the entire world financial system is collapsing. The people running the show are either ignorant, psychopathic, or narcissistic. We are on the verge of WWIII. Climate change is the literal apocalypse.

We got here because we made an assumption waaaaaaaaaaaay back, where 0 123456789… became all about quantity (a superimposition over physical reality) and mathematics, rather than series and cycle (qualities of Reality; evolution).

All mathematical endeavor should be ceased because it leads consciousness away from the realization of the meaning of the number system, and to life.

Yes, a message from God has the potential to fuck human shit up!

Fortunately for science it removed God from the equation exactly so this sort of thing couldn't possibly happen. Academia will not recognize this. It is up to each individual to be a Spiritual anarchist/warrior and reject the technology that has humanity mesmerized. This is real. Humanity's addiction to the screen and all that technology has created, is what is leading it deeper into delusion. If you can recognize what is being said, do what your gut is telling you and take this seriously.

Start a dedicated mediation practice and make that your go-to instead of entertainment. Start there, give it a genuine go for a few months then evaluate.

This is it dude. It doesn't get more real than this.

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