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All The World

That which is Reality, is the state of superposition. Superposition is an expression of play.

While playing in the super-bowl, or even watching it, there is nothing in the world more important than the playing of that game. So while that game is going on, tens of millions of humans take that game to be the most important event occurring in the world at that time. And it's a bunch of grown men running around smashing into each other in the attempt to get a ball across a line. The super-bowl is in a superposition of being simultaneously the most important thing, and being a game. All of the players and all of the fans are playing along, pretending that any of that nonsense actually means anything.

And you are playing along with your own act. You are appearing as "your name here" and you're not yet ready to drop character.

The Truth is that, compared to Reality, the life of "your name here" is a play. Many characters, all unreal, one actor, real.

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