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Body/mind is a magnet that bends reality then siphons the energy of it bending back to its origin

A magnet is a device that bends the naturally-programmed state of particles spinning more or less autonomously, at random. It shifts the system from random motion (and therefore the appearance of autonomy) to a system of perfect order, and perfect duality. This change in the system was manufactured via the magnet-creating process.

A magnet is a device that has altered the natural condition and the energy created from it, is the natural condition trying to return to the natural state. Yes, it is this powerful.

And the harnessing of this power has created electricity. And electricity has created modern society. And modern society is helplessly addicted to the screen and to thought.

Electricity is the result of harnessing the energy required for reality at the atomic itself to correct back to normal parameters. It changes the natural order in the physical realm and that generates an energy and information system that can now project a digital non-physical realm.

The energy siphoned from tapping into the programming that projects the three-dimensional realm, is powerful enough to project a two-dimensional realm. Adding the energy siphoned from tapping into the force that projects the four-dimensional realm, is powerful enough to make it real.

That energy is your attention. All of this is designed to hold your attention. The body-mind system is a magnet that siphons the energy/information mechanism capable of projecting the four-dimensional realm.

The Holy Trinity, the triune Fundamental Model of Reality, “magnet”, and especially “superposition”, are holographic expressions of Self/the process of “I”.

Focus on the center column will snap Reality back into natural, unified alignment.

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