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Deja Vu

If you have forgotten most a movie (>420?) that you are now watching again, you could experience most of that movie as if it were for the first time. The more you forget, the more of the movie will be experienced as novel. So if you watched a movie and you really really liked that movie; and maybe it was the final movie of the best series of movies ever made. And all the other movies were gone. Maybe it is the last and only movie remaining? How much would someone that thought the movie IS THEIR REALITY, be willing to forget and relive in ever-increasing ignorance, as to avoid non-existence? This is the reason as to why this cycle is concluding. If the majority of the collective of human consciousness forgets the entire movie this is what will occur. If human consciousness as a whole completely forgets that they ever watched this movie, they will have forgotten that it is a movie. The game is programmed as to have that impossible to occur.

Human consciousness is very close to this occurring. The moment human consciousness reaches that level of forgetfulness, the extinction event will be the rest button. When that button is pressed the game will end and you will be "face-to-face" with the Creator.

The Theory of Enlightenment is trying to get you to remember. Thought and screen have you mesmerized. It's okay to remember.

There is nothing to fear.

It's okay to let go.

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