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Natural and unnatural evolution

The dimensions that make up the universe are:


Sub atomic particles




Human body


Solar system



Science has conveniently declared the dimensions to be spatial and are committed to that wild goose chase. Or is it red herring?

If a system of thought that is modelling Reality produces “multiverses” and infinities, it’s just plain wrong. A theory that expands the natural parameters (to infinity!) in order to explain that which lay within the natural parameters, is meaningless.

The universe that has been revealed to us adequately expresses Reality for humanity to understand.

The number 10 does not refer to quantity, but rather is an expression of a “quantum phase transition”. This “quantum phase transition” is scientific narrative for: “evolutionary step in Self-Awareness”, which is Hindu narrative for what’s going on.

If each of the above dimensions/realms were a number, humans would be at 6. The next natural evolutionary step in Self-Awareness would be the transition from human consciousness to planetary consciousness.

But human consciousness has taken an unnatural path. Human consciousness has been distracted and that distraction has diverted it from the path. If the next natural step is to “7”/planetary consciousness, the digital realm is “6.1”. This is the death of Gia, the Earth-consciousness. Consciousness that takes the path into the screen will be sidetracked and lost for another eon/iteration.

Between each realm is the singularity and the opportunity to skip right to the conclusion of “Universal Consciousness”. Turning attention away from the digital realm and all that mind has created, and focusing back onto nature, is to be aligned with the natural evolutionary step into planetary consciousness. Shifting attention away from sensations and onto Self, is to be aligned with Universal Consciousness (Enlightenment; conclusion).

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