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This is happening.


The statement: "This is happening" is impossible to prove as false, and is therefore absolutely true; the ultimate Truth.

The axiom: a + b = b + a is 'true' only in the context of mathematics. It is a self-evident fact only if one understands and accepts the system of mathematics as it is taught. If you had not memorized the number system and the rules of addition, 'quantity' itself would be up for question. What do the words 'plus' and 'equals' even mean outside of the context of mathematics?

Therefore, Roy's 1.1 axiom is:

a + b = b + a is true only in the context of mathematics and is therefore not self-evident, but relatively evident.

A truth, whether it is absolute or relative, is verified as true via your subjective interpretation. A statement scrutinized within the logical framework either fits within that framework or it doesn't. If it is decided that a statement fits within the logical framework then it is called 'true' and if it doesn't then it is called 'false'. There's nothing more to it than that. The entire process has zip, zero, zilch to do with your subjective experience.

(a+b=b+a)/subjectivity = 0

The definition of logic is: "the science that investigates the principles governing correct or reliable inference."

The definition of 'infer' is: "to derive by reasoning; conclude or judge from premises or evidence."

The subjective self is investigating and judging a logical statement; that subjective self is not included within the logical statement. In the end it is the self that validates or refutes a logical statement, and that validation has meaning only after the self has accepted the (taught/learned) system of logic itself as valid and meaningful.

"This is happening" requires no internal intellectual debate as to its truthfulness because the self is included in the "This". "This", your immediate, direct experience is the base upon which the statement is validated or refuted, not some learned system of thought.

"This" points to your immediate experience and your immediate experience is pointing to YOU! Your existence validates "This", not just the statement about this.

You are fundamental Reality.

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