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Set Theory Is Ignorance/Maya

This discourse begins with the assumption that mathematics is a system of thought that produces more thought. That is, the singular purpose of mathematics, is to produce thought (the “disembodied voice” generated within consciousness while “doing math”) in the most efficient manner. The purpose of this is to keep attention focused away from Self (your Divinity), as is Maya's role in the playing of this game. Yes, this includes the "why".

Set theory is a system of thought that transforms things into thought. Specifically, the process of creating a set is the act of exchanging quality into quantity. Quality is derived via the five senses and quantity is derived exclusively via thought.

Firstly and most importantly, the creation of a set is an act of imagination. Mentally grouping a plurality of physical objects into a singularity (“set” is singular) and then assigning that image an identity ("1"), is no different than a child make-believing that their doll is “Sally”. Both states of mind are that of attributing qualia onto physical objects that do not inherently exist, and then simply pretending that they do. Whether a mathematician will admit it or not, a set; any and every set, is in the same imagined state as “Sally” the doll.

However, the set is even more arbitrary than Sally. Where “Sally” is real enough as to have a name, a set never has a name. The “Sally” imagined is derived from the physical sensations that project “doll”. Each and every set is derived not from the physical sensations of the objects that constitute the set, but from the vague mental projection in the minds eye of the nameless phenomenon that is the union of the objects.

“Sally” is limited in that it is an idea that refers to the physical realm of the senses. Even though Sally is imagined, there are a still a limited amount of actions/experiences Sally can have due to the limitations of the physical realm. But a set is not limited by the physical realm because it is all thought.

A set is “1”. Essentially all a set does is change physical sensations (qualia) into pure thought (quantity). “Spoon” is a word referring to a specific and shared experience of physical sensations. A “set of one spoon” or the “set of all spoons”, is simply “1”. Every single set is the exchanging of physical sensation into the concept “1”. Set theory is the digitization of sensation. With this digitization consciousness has transformed the potential to play with its mathematics doll without the limitation of being connected to the physical realm.

Systems of thought are mechanisms that produce thought. There is no greater purpose or meaning to them. Mathematics and set theory is the development of a system of thought that has separated from its reference to the physical realm (the movement of the monetary system from gold and silver-based, to a fiat system, is a holographic expression of this transition). With the creation of set theory human consciousness is making the transition from accepting the physical realm of the senses, to be fundamental Reality, to accepting that the non-physical realm of thought, as being fundamental reality.

We're at the end of the "10".

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