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Superposition Is Reality Described At The Most Fundamental Level.

Let "Green" represent the middle column (Tao) of The Fundamental Model.

Let "yellow" be the left column (yin) and "blue" be the right (yang) column.

Green is Reality/Self, and Green can only be seen as yellow and blue. Yellow and blue are the mechanism through which Green can see itself. The more that Green focuses on yellow, the less It sees blue, and vice-versa. When Green focuses inward the more blue and yellow mix. When It closes It's eyes, It sees Green and only Green.

If you haven't seen Green by the time Green's eyelids meet, you won't see Green; you will see non-existence. And your time as God will be a blink because you will be struck with such existential terror that you will open your eyes immediately out of fear. On the other side of the blink you will find yourself in a new realm and a new level of the game begins. Maya will have trapped you again.

Look at the Trinity and come to understand superposition. Wave-function and particle cannot be unified because they are the most fundamental expression of Reality possible. Any description of Reality provided by science must necessarily be dualistic. Science is measurement and measurement requires two. How can science, which is a bifurcating process, ever reveal unity?

Turn inward. Study this material. This is literally the most important thing. If this stuff is making sense to you then it is Truth. It's that simple. If something doesn't make sense to you it isn't your Truth. You don't have to memorize this teaching. You aren't learning something new.

You are not being taught, you are being shown.

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