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Symbol/language is the twist in the Mobius strip

Symbol (theory) is the conduit through which consciousness is trying to unify the apparent dualities. This doesn't work. When the yang and the yin are smashed together (over and over, in bed or in the LHC), the male and female are not unified into a singular(ity); the result of mixing yang and yin, is the appearance of another yang or yin.

And science, being oblivious to intuition and reason, continues to give rise to the appearance of duality via measurement, and then tries to reunify the appearances via the same mechanism that generates the apparent duality.

That's insanity.

And a hybrid offspring apparent reality will be born from this interaction. This reality is "in the womb" and is presently gestating through the process that is occurring between human consciousness and the digital realm.

If this sounds like a process you would rather not go through, adhere to the One-Step Path way of living.

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