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The Bias Of Mathematicians

The – (“negative”) side of the number line is as fundamental as the + (“positive”) side of the number line. It is the ingrained materialistic bias that has the + side as the frame of reference for the number system. 0 (zero) is the true, natural frame of reference.

We are told that a positive number represents a “quantity” of physical objects. “3” represents . The reason why mathematicians do not include the + symbol when writing down the symbol “3”, is due to this mental, believed connection between numbers and the physical realm. Mathematicians don’t write +3 because it is assumed that “3” is relating to the physical realm (in the form of “quantity”).

But -3 doesn’t represent any phenomena within the physical realm; it’s just a concept, and that concept relates to the +, not to 0. The statement “-3” has no meaning, as a person can not conceptualize -3 objects. The – symbol is not relating to the physical realm whereas the + symbol relates to physical sensations ( is the sense of sight).

“Addition” is the second step of the process. The first step of the process is the mental assignment of “quantity” onto physical sensations (feel free to explain to me what “quantity” is, apart from simply a belief). This is nothing more than a magic trick, a deception. “1” is supposed to represent ., but in what way? “Red dot” is language relating to the experience of ., which is a part of the senses, but “1” isn’t expressing anything about the physical experience of .. “1”, upon rigorous investigation, isn’t relating to physical experience any more than “-1”, we just pretend that it does.

“Subtraction” is a process that is the opposite of addition. But addition is the process that gives rise to numbers themselves. If subtraction is the opposite of addition, then “taking away” isn’t moving pre-existing objects out of our line of sight, it is part of the process of the creation and annihilation of objects. Subtraction should annihilate/unwind the entire process that gives rise to numbers! Why doesn’t it? What is subtraction and what is its purpose? The ambiguity of the situation is screaming that something is wrong with the system.

Is “1” ., or is 1 “zero plus one”? It can’t be both. I’m saying that the idea that “1” = . is false. “1” is exclusively “zero plus one”. This represents “Something (distinction) coming from potential.”

The current conventional model of the number system has the “1” as the frame of reference rather than the 0. The – (subtraction) half of the system only exists relative to the + (addition) half of the system. + isn’t considered to be the lack or removal (or is it annihilation?) of –, but – is considered to be lack of, or removal, or annihilation, of +.

“1” is not representing any thing. “1” is “0 + 1”, which requires belief in the concept of “quantity”. The movement into the acceptance that “quantity” means something (some things) is the magic trick through which Maya (ignorance) has mesmerized consciousness into delusion.

Every time a number is written down, there should be the qualifier of either – or + in conjunction with the number. 0/potential is the frame of reference, not the +. The fact that the qualifier – is used for one half of the system and the qualifier + is not used for the other half of the system, is an expression of a bias. – is not the lack of, and/or removal of, and/or the annihilation of, +, it is the “other” of the state of superposition, which is represented by 0.

Fundamentally, the inclusion of “quantity” into the – 0 + system is an expression of the innate bias that is ingrained within every mathematician, toward materialism. There is a message contained within the information – 0 +. The information means something and “quantity” and the ununiform system of “addition” and “subtraction” is the misinterpretation of the message.


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