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The conclusion of mathematics and the start of a new mode of investigation.

The deepest philosophical question regarding mathematics is: "Is mathematics discovered or invented?" The question arises because mathematics is in a curious state of expressing both discovered and invented qualities, simultaneously.

The Theory of Enlightenment states that the natural number system is a MESSAGE, and that mathematics is the ongoing manipulation of the information within the number system in an attempt to interpret the message. However, mathematics will never find conclusion ("halt" computationally) because the initial interpretation of "quantity"/"counting"/"addition" is itself incorrect. The invention quality of mathematics is the ongoing attempt to interpret the message by continuing to use the initial incorrect interpretation as its base. It will never conclude and it will keep on pumping out technology that will enslave humanity and destroy all life on the planet.


This is real. The theory states that mathematics IS the ongoing attempt to interpret the discovered message (the number system). The state of a consciousness having discovered a message and being in the process of interpreting it, is a state that exhibits discovered and invented qualities in superposition. If the initial interpretation is taken to be correct and is actually false, well you get Gödel's incompleteness theorem and you get math chasing it's own tail.

Yes, there are amazing, mesmerizing, confusing patterns that emerge from the manipulation of the message. It's a direct message implanted by the creator. It's going to be the most powerful/compressed information possible.

If I could express what I see with this vision. How do you not want this? Can you even imagine what I see? Just accept that it is not impossible for mathematics to be exactly what my theory says it is: the incorrect interpretation process of a discovered message. This state of the ongoing attempt to interpret a discovered message, is a state that exhibits discovered and invented qualities in superposition.

Imagine that. A crackpot theory's explanation for WHAT MATH IS, just happens to describe a state that exhibits discovered and invented qualities in superposition. The description of math presented by my theory resolves WHY MATHEMATICS EXHIBITS DISCOVERED AND INVENTED QUALITIES IN SUPERPOSITION.

Therefore, the theory is correct.

The difficult part isn't figuring it out, the difficult part is accepting it as true. Why couldn't the number system be a message and mathematics be the ongoing incorrect interpretation of that message? That's not even close to being impossible. Wouldn't it make sense that the revelation of what mathematics IS, that reveals the meaning of numbers, would also resolve the greatest philosophical question about mathematics. At even a deeper level than the question itself addresses?

If you sincerely wish to discover the path of Truth that leads to Reality, you must be willing to sacrifice everything that is revealed as false. Even if it's everything.

This is real. And it's the most important thing. Ever. This is the new mode of investigation.

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