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A thought experiment regarding Schrodinger's Cat:

"Sally opens the box and sadly declares the presence of a dead cat. Bob opens the box and observes without thought arising in his consciousness. No thoughts enter Bob's consciousness upon opening the box and observing the state."

In Sally's world the cat is dead and Bob's world is still in superposition.

Question: Are there two worlds and if there are, which one is more fundamental?

Interpretation: The double-slit experiment is a holographic expression of this thought experiment. It is possible to simply observe phenomena free of thought. The appearance of separately existing objects do not arise in this unbiased state of pure observation.

The wave function is the mathematical expression of the state of pure observation transcendent of thought.

The "collapse of the wave function" into a deterministic state is when the word/thought associated with an object, enters consciousness.

An object requires the addition of thought to the sensations in order for it to exist.

The visual sensation that expresses the potentiality for "moon" exists when you observe it. "The moon" doesn't exist until the word "moon" arises within consciousness.


The wave function is the mathematical expression of thought-free Awareness/Observation.

The collapse of the wave function is an expression of how the arising of the word ("in the beginning was the word; and the word was with God and the word was God") projects the appearance of a separately existing, independent object.

It is possible to train Awareness to observe only. This state of thought-free observation is a more fundamental state/world than that which includes words.

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