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The evidence is such that this needs to be taken seriously!

The most important unsolved mystery within mathematics is the answer to the question: “Is mathematics discovered or invented?”. We don’t understand it’s source, it’s purpose or it’s meaning. The technology that is created via mathematics continues to enslave humanity and destroy all life on earth. The way in which mathematics interacts with the physical realm and changes it, is technology. To state that mathematics is that which runs the universe, is conjecture. To state that mathematics is that which runs technology, is fact. How does technology get alone with the natural world?

We need to know what math is, where it came from, and its purpose. The Theory Of Enlightenment states that mathematics is in a superposition of exhibiting both discovered and invented qualities and this is why mathematicians ask: “Is math discovered or invented?”. The reason the question is asked is due to this dualistic nature of mathematics. Math is both discovered and invented, simultaneously. However, the way in which the question is worded makes it impossible to answer. If math is both discovered and invented, to ask if it is one or the other is to be asking an irrelevant question.

Therefore, the Theory Of Enlightenment resolves the question: “Why is mathematics in a superposition of exhibiting both discovered and invented qualities, simultaneously?”, which is the correct question, as it offers a resolution to the current apparent state. To ask if a phenomenon is either this-or-that while it appears as both this-and-that, is to introduce conjecture and assumption. Mathematics is in a superposition of simultaneously exhibiting both discovered and invented qualities because it is the interpretation process of a discovered message. A message is created with the intention for it to be discovered. Once a message is discovered it requires correct interpretation in order for the message to be transmitted and therefore concluded.

However, if the initial attempt at interpretation is incorrect and taken to be correct, the entire line of investigation based upon the initial incorrect interpretation will be incorrect, with every apparent discovery actually a deeper level of falsity. This explains mathematics ongoing expansion into ever-increasing levels of abstraction. The natural number system is the message and mathematics is the ongoing manipulation of the information within the number system, in the attempt to correctly interpret the message by using the initial incorrect interpretation. None of this endeavor has resulted in an understanding of the source of mathematics, or the meaning of numbers, or a resolution to the original question. Instead, mathematics has created technology that has humanity enslaved to the screen.

The Theory of Enlightenment’s explanation of the meaning of numbers and the reason for mathematics, presents clearly, a resolution as to why math exhibits both discovered and invented qualities in superposition. That’s why the explanation is correct!

The revelation of the meaning of numbers and the falsity of mathematics results in the resolution of the question: “Why does math exhibit both discovered and invented qualities in superposition?”

This is self-evident to me but ALL OF HUMANITY has been programmed to such a degree that to SEE the Truth of all of this, will be difficult. You must acknowledge that you, that all of us, have been subject to intense and unquestioned, unresisted programming for hundreds of years.

This final Truth is the revelation that it’s all been false/deception. And that’s a tough red pill to swallow.

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