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The Final Truth Reveals That Which Has Been Wrong The Whole Time

At the end, when ignorance (the ignoring of Self) is greatest, that is when the final Truth is revealed. Taoism would say that the degree to which there is ignorance, there must be that level of understanding.

What if the final Truth reveals that which has been wrong the whole time?

What if that which has been wrong the whole time, turns out to be everything you have been taught and everything you believe?

You are at this level of the game, so well done. But this is it dude (we are all "dude"). The final Truth that you have been so ardently searching for, is now presented directly to you. Why do you doubt so?

And why the fuck wouldn't someone want to be God? That sounds like the pinnacle of possible experience to me. So if there is an end goal to anything that is done and everything that is done, it MUST be to BE GOD.

If this is what I say it is (and it is), and what is keeping you from seeing it can probably be removed if you engage in an intensive meditation practice, then stop being such a chicken-shit and take up an intensive meditation practice.

This is it. It's all here.

You are so close and we are so close to the end.

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