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The Greatest Opponent

Let us assume that the opponent in this game is the most clever, intelligent and cunning opponent possible. This game is designed by God to challenge God, so it's going to be the most difficult puzzle/mystery. It is the reality from which the fractal that is "game" and "play" arise. All that can be considered as "play", "game", "mystery", "act", "puzzle", "labyrinth", is a fractalization of your state, now. And now. And every now.

The goal of Gods opponent is to stay animated ("alive"), and its life force is God's very attention. What has happened is that satan/maya has convinced you that:

A: You are the voice in your head.

B: The voice in your head is relating truth about/is related to, the physical realm of the senses.

This is the mechanism that creates the grooves on the record of your world, and that which spins it. This is the wheel of Samsara; the labyrinth; the mystery. satan/maya has convinced you that you are it, and that it is relating truth, rather than deception. This is something that the greatest opponent possible, would do.

Now that this is laid explicitly and directly before you, what will you do?

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