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The Greatest Reset

Nonconeptuality is a reset button. No, it's an emergency shut-off. We remain stubbornly following the route that has had us lost since we began following it. If you are sincerely yearning for Truth and Reality, then you must be willing to follow any route that presents itself to you, regardless of how treacherous it appears. You must be willing to die for the final Truth.

Humanity needs to recognize that there is something fundamentally broken with the system upon which civilization operates. All of humanity, regardless of nationality, religious beliefs, sexual orientation, race, is:

  1. Addicted to the screen.

  2. In record levels of financial debt.

  3. Experiencing higher levels of anxiety and mental suffering.

It was the incestuous cycle upon which academia operates, that gave us modern monetary theory. How could a system that is able to produce infinite potential for action ($ is potential for action), when used in conjunction with capitalism, not consume all of the earths resources?

Systems of thought are mechanisms designed by thought, the purpose of which is to produce more thought. This is Maya's spell revealed before you. Yes, she has everyone.

The reset required is at the most fundamental level. It is at the level of thought itself. It has been revealed by others who have transcended thought, that the state of thought-free Awareness is subjectively described as "happiness".

Very simply this is how Nonconceptuality resets society:

It turns out that our natural state is that of effortless thought free Awareness, and that this state is synonymous with happiness. So basically, Nonconceptualists come to realize that the highest, "most preferred" state is when they are sitting quietly in a chair, happy in and of their own being. Where can problems arise within a society where everyone is happy, content entirely Self-fulfilled sitting focused on their own beingness?


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