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The Message Uses Symbol To Break the Spell Of Symbol

The most basic relationship between 1 and 2 is that it signifies/expresses change or differentiation. All we can say for certain about the process of 1 and 2 is that the differentiated state of "1" has changed into another differentiated state, and that new state somehow is related to the state of "1". To say and act as if "counting", which is "addition", (which brings rise to "quantity"), is that to which the change is referring, is assumption.

That assumption is wrong.

All of mathematics, from "addition"/"counting" onward, is the incorrect unpacking of the most densely-packed message ever created, by the greatest intellect. The incorrect unpacking/interpretation of this message/information, generates a red-herring that has human consciousness mesmerized.

The final Truth reveals all that is false.

To those who are ready to see.

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