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The Meaning Of Numbers

If this theory is correct, and 0 123456789... is a message that has yet to be correctly interpreted, this state would be a condition of being both discovered and invented.

A message is sent out or implanted with the intent for it to be discovered. A message that has been correctly interpreted and acted upon, is no longer required. A message that has not been correctly interpreted and acted upon will continue to express the message.

The integers are the message. The message (basically "Samsara", and where the species is in relation to it) has, until now, gone misinterpreted or uninterpreted. This misinterpretation or misuse, is mathematics. The 360 pages of esoteric symbolism required in Principia Mathematica, to "prove" that 1+1=2 is the way in which humanity has been convinced/programmed to accept that 1 and 2 are relating to quantity, when it is instead relating to an evolutionary quantum jump into a higher level of Self-Awareness.

So the message (the number system) has been discovered, and the ongoing attempt to correctly interpret (what the numbers mean) the message, is the invention. The numbers are a map of the evolution of consciousness. They are showing us that a MASSIVE cycle of what we take to be Reality is concluding and a new one is imminent.

This is the meaning of numbers.

Does it follow that there are similarities between the cycle/wheel of Samsara and the infinite redundancy of the number system? Might it be possible to transfer consciousness into a quantum computer simulation within 20 years? Does what is being proposed, sound at least somewhat plausible?

Do you have any idea what the following means?

This is the conclusion, after 360 pages.

It's incorrect.

It is the original misinterpretation. That misinterpretation was declared an axiom and all of mathematics was built upon it. It works, yes. It works to divert consciousness onto a path of inquiry that will never reveal the meaning of the message.

The continued misuse of the information has created technology and technology has

led to climate change and humanity's helpless addiction to the screen and page.

In conclusion,

The state of a message that is being misinterpreted, is a state of having been discovered, and is also a state that would generate invention. If the message isn't getting through, the attempt to properly interpret the message will generate invention; different manipulation of the information in an attempt to find the answer.

The number system has been discovered and mathematics has been invented.

This fits. This works. Do you recognize what a special phenomenon it is indeed, to satisfy the condition of being both in a state of having been discovered and created, simultaneously? How is it that my model could possibly provide insight about that incredibly specific aspect of mathematics?

How does this not reconcile the philosophical question as to whether mathematics is discovered or created?

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