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The Physical Realm Is Projected, Not Detected

I can’t remember where I heard this, but apparently an electron is so perfectly spherical that if it were expanded to the size of the earth, the deformation would be the size of a sugar molecule.

John Wheeler, the physicist who coined the phrase “black hole”, theorized that there is only one electron and that the appearance of multiple electrons is due to its movement through time rather than through space. He took this perspective to try to explain how every single electron looks exactly like every other electron.

There is nothing in the natural physical realm that is so perfectly uniform as an electron. The electrons perfect roundness is due to it being an entirely mathematical entity.

An electron is not a physical object, it is the wave function. It exists as the wave function, which defines where the physical appearance of the electron is possible.

As presented in the video “The mechanism through which the simulations are projected” there is no way to tell whether a machine is detecting or projecting. For the purpose of this argument, we will assume that the technical equipment is not detecting phenomena that are “there” and undetected, but rather, that the results presented by the technical equipment are projections created through the interaction of the equipment and the tester. Simply put, we will assume that the equipment is projecting rather than detecting.

The double-slit experiment appears to indicate that reality changes the way in which it operates in relation to how the experiment is set up and executed. It appears as though an electron, which is essentially a ball, adopts different governing laws (acts differently) depending upon how the experiment is carried out. Why?

Because the electron is the wave function and the particle is an appearance that exists only in the machine that has been created specifically to “detect” the particle aspect of the electron. The degree to which the electron is spherical is the degree to which it is mathematical. If the electron is 99.999999999999999% perfectly spherical, then it is 99. 999999999999999% mathematical and only .000000000000001% physical. The electron appears to exist in the physical realm only while being seen through the devices that have been created with the intention to detect them.

This is the magic trick; the deception.

The detectors are projectors.

The machine created to “shoot out” a singular electron at a time, indicates that it indeed did shoot out a single little ball. But if there isn’t another machine that has been constructed in a way to “detect” singular electrons between the gun and the recording device (that has been constructed in such a way as to record the aggregate results), the aggregate of the action of the balls can’t result from the laws that govern individual ball electrons.

The electron is the wave function, which expresses the possibility for the appearance of the ball electron given the appropriate mechanical devices in operation. If there is a device that projects the appearance of an individual ball electron after the double-slit, then in order for congruence of the narrative, it must be recorded as obeying the laws of little balls. If there is no such device between the double-slit and the end recording device (which isn’t the same device as the one “detecting” individual balls), then the electron is allowed to express its natural state as the wave function.

“Electron” exists nowhere in the physical realm because it is a mathematical entity. It only appears to exist in the physical realm while human consciousness interprets the information created by the technology. The technology that mathematics made possible.

Materialism is an appearance. Physics is a result of consciousness that has been duped.

The physical realm is projected, not detected.

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