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In the same way that thoughts project the individual, couple, group, institution, ethnicity, nations, religions, etc., so do the senses project the physical realm.

When one fully understands that the senses are projecting rather than detecting, the separation of "particle" and "force" is resolved. The world is the senses.

The measurements that thought invents via the scientific method, projects the illusion that the senses and the world are separate. Science then attempts to reunify via the very system that projects the illusion of separation. A dog chasing its tail.

If the world is the senses, then a "force" would be the same phenomenon as the "object" that appears to be moving. If the separation is an illusion, then time-delayed causal effects are a part of the illusion. Any causal effects occurring would be instantaneous in a Reality where the world is the senses. Hello entanglement.

Entanglement is a holographic expression of the state of the world being the senses.

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