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Where This Is All Headed

The American and Canadian governments have opened the borders to let great numbers of migrants into the country. The main reason to do this is because if you let them in and the other guy wants to keep them out, they will vote for you. The more you let in, the more votes for you. Another reason is that it boosts the GDP. More people equals more people buying stuff.

This massive influx of immigrants is coming at a time when the economy is slowing, inflation is sticky, and AI and robotics are replacing humans by the droves.

Food prices will continue to rise worldwide due to irreversible climate change, and they will never go back down. There will be no money left over after paying the interest on the debt, and food and energy, to buy anything else. Thousands of banks and businesses will go bankrupt. Millions of people will lose their jobs and be forced to go on social assistance. Millions of households will default on their mortgages. THIS YEAR.

This is an election year. They will lower interest rates and print as much money as it takes to keeps everyone happy. But in order to do all of this money printing and have it not hyperdeflate the value of the dollar, they are going to introduce Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs).

CBDCs are entirely digital currency that is programmable and trackable. A CBCD can be programed to not function at certain vendors or jurisdictions. The currency could have a time limit on it.

The corporate real estate debt buddle is popping and the government is buying and renovating the empty business space into housing units. They will put the migrants and homeless into these government-owned housing units and give them a universal basic income allowance in the form of CBDCs. In this way the government and central banks can control the population.

And what are these people with no job and no extra money to do anything with going to be doing? Watching the screen. Playing video games. Becoming you tube and Tik Tok creators.

Adaptive learning software is replacing teachers and learn-at-home is replacing schools. When the instruction of our children is completely taken over by AI, humanity will be completely at its will.

The final puppet master is Maya/ignorance. Her goal is to capture the attention of human consciousness, and hold it, via the screen.

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Wow Roy, we need more insights like these!

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